Memorial March for the Victims of Harperism

End the carnage in October!

The Links


A wonderful effort is the cross-country singalong of Tony Turner's "Harperman".

The song was put on the social media charts when the video by Andrew Hall, produced by Chris White, hit uTube (views, as of October 14th. = 706,030).

Original studio Video

Coordinating web site.

There were gatherings all over Canada on September 17th to sing Harperman together. In Ottawa we gathered at the Parliament Hill steps. Pictures.

The Memorial March

The casket of our hope

There was a lot of professional and amateur media. Here are a few we know about:

I put together an art show called Roll Call, combining a 10'8" print of the entire march collaged from aboput 50 images, the scroll of victims, John Davidson's video, a sampling of audio from interviews I did with marchers in the month after (asking "How did it make you feel?") and a print of one of the images I took. Here are some of the materials


Eric Schiller prepares the marchers