Memorial March for the Victims of Harperism

End the carnage in October!


DIY tombstone images! Our friend has created a simple process---It’s a Word document. All you need to do is scroll over the word(s) on the tombstone and write your own.

Our friend suggests.."Print out, then sharpie pen your issue of choice. Cut out or just use as is. I’m going to wear one pinned to the front of my T shirt, one on the back, and two pasted on card that I can carry. This way I can lament over 4 areas of victimhood single-handed!"

If you're have a memorial march somewhere else here's a poster with the artwork where you can add your own details. MS Word format:


Ottawa posters.

If you can help with postering please contact for posters OR, if you can print a few, download a copy here:


We'd love to know where you've put them! Send us an email or post it on Facebook.